Club Vā€™s particular interests and activities include educating industry best professionals on strategies to take their talents into the marketplace.  

Club V founder, Vinis Walker, began working as an independent consultant in 2000, and after speaking with hundreds of other equally talented professionals, she discovered they were barely making what their talents were worth. She spent countless hours educating and mentoring other professionals on how to reach their fullest earning potential. For the individuals who want to take the leap into independent consulting or contracting, the task can seem daunting. As each year passes, more and more companies are consistently turning to outsourcing or working with consultants to manage their projects, so it's a great time to tackle your fears and thrive in this industry.

Our experts are certified and bring vetted best practices and processes with them. Clients receive the benefits of consultants, who are leaders with an average of 15 years of experience. Consultant's constant account oversight provides assurance for superb project delivery. We adhere to a rigorous talent acquisition process, ensuring our consultants bring a history of demonstrated performance while managing a diverse range of projects and programs.

By joining Club V, you are taking the first important step toward learning how to market your talents and have greater financial gain. Get empowered. Take charge. Define your future.

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